Programs we offer

Infant and Toddler

Our babies are wrapped in love and guided and encouraged by experienced and qualified caregivers.  The approach encourages independence in dressing and eating, along with the appropriate development of fine and large motor skills.

3-5 year-old Program

Do you want a little more from daycare? Open young minds and imagination with our daycare program!  Designed for children aged 36 months to 5 years, we’ll play through art, games, music, math, science, drama and more.  Our program is semi-structured, helping children feel secure with regular routines, but offering lots of time for free play.

Before and After School

After-school programs offer a two-tiered benefit to families. For busy parents, programs offer care for younger children (and peace of mind about the after-school activities of their older kids and teens). For children, programs extend learning or sports activities beyond the classroom and help them explore and grow.

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